Opening the 2016 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony with the traditional paper airplane toss. Video here.

This page contains slides and extra material from some of the talks I have given. If you are interested in scheduling a talk, please email me.

Selected Invited Talks

If the talk you are interested in isn’t included here, email me directly for a copy of the slides.

APS Logo
APS New England Section Meeting, “The Extremes of Fluid Dynamics,” 1 Apr 2016
Slideshow (PDF)

MIT Logo Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Communicating Fluid Dynamics: From the Lab to the Classroom and Beyond,” 8 Jan 2016
Slideshow (.pptx, ~33.6 MB)

Brown University Brown University, “Adventures in Fluid Dynamics,” 13 November 2015
Slideshow (.pptx, ~16.5 MB)

Texas A&M AMUSE Series, “The Beauty of the Flow”, 2 Oct 2013
Slideshow (.pptx, ~8 MB)

Pointwise Logo Pointwise, “Surface roughness effects on hypersonic boundary layer transition and online outreach in fluid dynamics, 20 September 2013. Slideshow (.pdf)

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APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Presentations

  • 2019: “Improving Scientific Visuals,” Slideshow (.pdf, 3.5MB)
  • 2018: “F*** Yeah Fluid Dynamics: Tips for Connecting with Broader Audiences,” Slideshow (.pdf, 2.4MB)
  • 2017: “F*** Yeah Fluid Dynamics: Getting into science communication,” Slideshow (.pdf, 2.5MB)
  • 2016: ” ‘In a sea of sticky molasses’: The physics of the Boston Molasses Flood,” Slideshow (.pptx, 43.4 MB)
  • 2016: “F*** Yeah Fluid Dynamics: Inside the science communication process,” Slideshow (.pptx, 22 MB)
  • 2015: “F*** Yeah Fluid Dynamics: On science outreach and appealing to broad audiences,” Slideshow (.pptx, ~9.5 MB)
  • 2013: “Discrete surface roughness effects on a blunt hypersonic cone in a quiet tunnel,” Slideshow (.pdf)
  • 2013: “F*** Yeah Fluid Dynamics: Lessons from online outreach,” Slideshow (.pdf)
  • 2012: “Surface roughness effects on a blunt hypersonic cone,” Slideshow (.pdf)
  • 2008: “Complex dynamics of a boundary layer with free stream turbulence,” Slideshow (.pdf)
  • 2007: “Measurements in a boundary layer with intense free stream turbulence,” Slideshow (.pdf)