Nicole Sharp, Ph.D.Photo by Eric Merrill
Science communicator and aerospace engineer
Cambridge, MA

Email: nicole.sharp@gmail.com

I am an engineer, writer, and science communicator specializing in fluid dynamics. I completed my Ph.D. in the fluids research group at Texas A&M University in February 2014. I did the work for my Master’s degree in the turbulence research group at Cornell University and received my M.S. in Aerospace Engineering in May 2009. I earned my B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 2006.

My doctoral research was on the effects of surface roughness on the transition to turbulence in hypersonic boundary layers; however, I also did work on the stability of 3D boundary layers on a swept wing in low-speed flows. My M.S. research was on the effect of intense free stream turbulence on turbulent boundary layers. In the past, I have also investigated odor-sensing in moths and worked with cockroach-based biorobots.

I have a passion for space; a strong curiosity about the world around me; and a firm conviction that we have a responsibility to improve the world not just for today but also for tomorrow. I want to see a future with more engineers; more women in science, engineering, and mathematics; and people living and working on Mars.

I like to spend my free time hiking, playing games, cycling, taking photos, and hanging out with friends. I also run Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics, a popular science blog posting about fluid dynamics three days a week.